150th Feature- Part II

Friday 05 April, 2013 at 10:13 pm

There were too many good songs to feature on the 150th feature, so this had to become a two-parter. Quiet Company, Fionn Regan and The Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger are waiting for you right after the break. Check them out:

The Emasculated Man And The City That Swallowed Him (Quiet Company)

Music Video


I think I really like this city
It’s got everything I need
Big tall buildings that I can hide beneath
Mom, I know you’ve got your worries
Dad, I know you’ve got your doubts
But I think I’ve finally got my whole life figured out.

Now that we’re all aboard
And our plans have been set in motion
I’ll be unsinkable
I’ll be riding on top of the ocean.
Never mind those signs that say
“We’re gonna have to pay for this someday.”

Heard it said that love is all you need
And you know, I’d love to believe that
Because if it ain’t true, then Lennon lied to me.
But I think I loved him for it
Because it’s the best philosophy
He might have known something
That I don’t know

Robot Boy (The Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger)



On the first day it started to rain
Children were laughing and went out to play
But soon all the streets were rivers and streams
Creatures were trickling in from the deep
Cars floating like ships over skyscraper tips
The tallest of trees swaying like seaweed

Aluminum and paperclips
Refrigerator parts and microchips
A rudimentary robot boy
A heart of rubber bands and broken toys

Just before dusk afraid he might rust
He climbed abroad an upside down bus
With bottle cap eyes he soon realized
That nobody else but he had survived
Sifting through debris of kindred machines
Drifting through a graveyard of sunken cities


For thirty nights with no land in sight
He never was hungry nor lonesome or tired
His mechanical brain could not go insane
His metallic skin could never feel pain
The whales gathered round with sibilant sound
They told him about the only way out
If you want to survive if you want to shine
Then you’ve got to find someone of your kind
As they pulled him away across the waves
He saw a pretty face
Made of tin cans and lace
Aluminum and balloon lips
Refrigerator parts and cardboard hips
A rudimentary robot girl
A heart of rubber bands
And plastic pearls

The Cow Shed (Fionn Regan)



I still see you as a baby, I do
Climbing onto the stage in front of the school
High strung
The cat got your tongue
The spotlight came out
You’d been strung
I followed the trail
when I heard that they found
you in the cowshed
I still see the insect filled jars in rows
The calculations and the diagrams, constellations
High strung
The cat got your tongue
The spotlight came out
You’d been hung
I followed the trail
when I heard that they found
You in the cowshed