Ben Einziger

Wednesday 29 June, 2011 at 8:06 am

One of Stars Uncharted’s twitter followers (Crissy) suggested a band called Agent Sparks for a feature. Agent Sparks were decent but not that exciting. However… (the plot thickens)… on their MySpace player there was a song called Monsters And Men that was much more interesting. Turns out it belongs to Ben Einziger, who used to be the vocalist for Agent Sparks before they moved to Band Paradise. His brother also happens to be Michael Einziger from Incubus. Small world… (or maybe it’s a big one filled with too many musicians). Either way, this song is really rare so no lyrics this time. Pretty sure you’ll enjoy this killer tune just the same. Thanks for the lead, Crissy.

Monsters And Men (refresh the page if the player refuses to cooperate)

* * *