Blonde Redhead

Thursday 09 August, 2012 at 8:18 am

It’s a real shame that practically nobody knows this song. This is exactly the sort of delicacy the music industry deprives you of because it’s certain the only thing you want to consume is tasteless scraps of Biebers, Rihannas and Gagas. This version of Messenger features an awesome vocalist called David Sylvian that doesn’t belong to Blonde Redhead and really takes this song to a whole new level of brilliance. David Sylvian will probably be featured here separately in the future. For now, check out this unbelievable track:




Stay still, be still
No wonder you are always lost
As a messenger you must be known
With messages you must return
To be seen by demanding hands
And touches of jealous men
Invisible and forgivable
To all their secret hands 

Be it so, be quick
Don’t run just walk and walk and walk
Don’t lose yourself to decorate
Somewhere on your wall
Cause somewhere in your mind
You know you are doing fine
Holding secret hair locks
You pluck before you hide

So how can I keep anything to myself
So how can I keep any of these things to myself
So how can I keep anything to myself (3x)
Behind those clouds
I’m almost home

Stay still…

* * *