Future Vince

Wednesday 05 October, 2011 at 7:16 am

Future Vince is a Boston based alternative rock band whose members met at Berklee College of Music. In this day and age any idiot can grab a microphone and become an instant star with a little bit of luck and the right PR, but there’s simply no denying it- when music is created by actual musicians who are in it for the right reasons it’s a whole different experience for listeners. Here’s an awesome track called Always Mine from Future Vince’s debut EP- ‘An Extended Play’. Play time:

Always Mine

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A gentleman
Made of brass
You once held hands with
In your past
An offer is standing still
It hurts but you have to choose
How can I hear you say
“I want him but I love you”

A monument
Of how to act
Who’s always been there
In the past
Competing I’ll come in last
A stranger without a chance
How can I prove to you
That I can be more than that

More than
More than him

chorus (instrumental)

A thousand men
With broken backs
But I’m not like them
Stronger than all their will
Rises an obsession
How can I show you
That I am a step above

More than
More than

So go – and I will always be here
My water is warm and clear
In time you’ll find your way
It’s here with me so stay
And I will surrender all
My tide for you is calm
Till you’ll find
That you were always mine

The hours spent
To find the words
I’ll never come close
To what you’re worth
Your soul is a part of me
Visiting in my dreams
How could I run from you
When you are all that I see

* * *