Harper Simon

Thursday 07 June, 2012 at 8:36 am

Sometimes talent doesn’t skip a generation. Harper Simon (Paul Simon’s son) creates music that must make his dad proud. Intricate harmonies, great lyrics and plenty of sincerity and artistry. Check out this gorgeous Elliott Smith like tune:

The Audit

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Dear one
What have you done
Those waxen wings melt in the sun
Where have you gone
What are you running from
You gave it away
You slept through the day

Sometimes we all break down
When threre’s no friends around
You see yourself
In photographs from winters past
Remembering the days
In your hometown

Dreams, impossible dreams
Those moving pictures
From scripts that are scriptures
To those who believe
In those magazines
You think they would know
You reap what you sow

Some days we all are blessed
We sing the world to rest
Until the moon shines through
The broken window pane
And calls you back again