Jade Leonard

Thursday 18 July, 2013 at 7:13 am

Australian singer/songwriter Jade Leonard has a split musical personality. Her hardcore pop side, though certainly marketable, isn’t really SU’s cup of tea, but her soul/jazzy side is a perfect cup of cool music. Jade’s songs showcase an incredible voice, playful lyrics and delightful melodies with a timeless feel to them. Her album GlitterWood is well worth a listen. Here’s a favorite, a bonus track called Sweet As Pie:

Sweet As Pie

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I want to hate you,
tear out your eyebrows one by one.
Spend all our time dear,
tapping your forehead with a gun.

But I know we’ll have to share
every moonbeam, just remember I’ll be there

wanting to hurt you.
It’s a sweetness that I save
for you, my darling.
Just smile and show them that you’re brave.

I will dance too close to you
and if you ever tell them that we’re through,

darling I’ll kill you
with a softly spoken word.
Rip you in pieces
writing songs like no one’s heard,

about a tenderness that we share.
My darling, when you’re gone, I’ll be there,

cleaning your headstone
in my Vera Wang couture.
My fascinator catching
the tears I’ve cried for her.

Oh my darling when you’re six feet underground
my world will turn again
the right way round.

And I won’t miss you.