Lake Street Dive

Thursday 06 February, 2014 at 7:43 am

Michigan based band Lake Street Dive is the perfect example to the sort of music you get when a bunch of talented people (who actually met while studying jazz together) join forces and start working on songs. They create timeless music that’s superior to anything you’ll hear on the radio these days. Period. Lake Street Dive is about to release their sophomore album Bad Self Portraits in a couple of weeks and it’s gonna be epic. Check out this teaser and a couple of songs from the previous album. Must hear music right here. Boys and girls, it’s time for LSD:

Rental Love (teaser)

Music Video

Got Me Fooled


I hear you calling my name

Every night, it’s the same damn thing

Is it just one thing you want from me?

I’m getting tired of this game

Everyone says the same damn thing

All your sweet talk sounding cheap

when I don’t get what I need

My heart starts slowing it’s beat

Why don’t you take me dancing Saturday with some drinks in the bar room?

Or maybe we could just stay home instead with some tapes and some thai food

The thing is baby what I’m trying to stay is you ain’t thinking this through

If you really want me, then you got me fooled.

You know I hate to complain

But everyone wants the same damn thing

So when I give you a try,

I get the same tired lines

I got to ask myself why

My Heart’s In The Right Place


Walk four blocks, quicken your pace ‘til you’re tumbling

lost my socks; thought I had bet on a sure thing

Worn through Keds have nothing on drunk desperation

it depends on just how much you want to take on

who needs friends who think you’re just someone to flake on

conventions could use a good saturday break from

Left behind on Water Street, you

ought to see the twos and threes you

were relyin’that’s where i fly in

You may find that it’s hard to just trust me

in this frightening friday night race

can you tell that my chivalry’s rusty

don’t be scared, ‘cause my heart’s in it’s right place

Relishing in lows and highs, I

ought to see the four and fives I

was ignoring

that’s when you horn in