Leah Capelle

Thursday 30 October, 2014 at 10:49 am

Singer/songwriter Leah Capelle is that rare combination between a confident voice and a real talent for writing heartfelt music that doesn’t come out of a box. The song “In a Boat” was written as a reflection of how she and her family reacted to news of her grandfather’s malignant brain tumor. It’s an extremely personal song written in an abstract way, allowing the listener to decide what they believe it is about. So… now that you have the inside scoop, check out this wonderful piece of music by Leah. If it’s any indication of her upcoming debut album, she’s definitely someone who deserves the attention of as many ears as possible:

In A Boat

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Take me to the sea where no one can find me, that’s where I wanna be.
Place me under the night sky, I see everything I need to know.
Some day I will go in a boat built for one…
She feels pain in her bones when it’s gonna storm, and that’s how she knows.
He feels pain in his heart ‘cause the shadow that’s gonna steal his hero away is here to stay.
Soon he will go in a boat leaving us all alone…
Life is a fleeting gift, we constantly walk on a wire.
So let me hold you close before you climb any higher.
I don’t want you to go, who will fill me with wisdom?
Soon it’s gonna snow…
Soon it’s gonna snow…
White blinds my eyesight, how’s the sea supposed to catch up with me?
Black clouds my memory, how’re the stars supposed to light up my dreams?
Supposed to light up my dreams? Supposed to light up my dreams?
Some day I will go in a boat around the sun…