Liad Scher

Tuesday 17 January, 2012 at 8:16 am

Here’s a rare gem of a song by singer/songwriter Liad Scher. Mel’s Song was uploaded to MySpace a few years ago and so far reached the staggering amount of 2,416 plays. Seriously, if that isn’t a crime against music- what is? Hopefully in saner parallel universes, artists are judged for their talent and not their copycat skills and PR stunts. Check out this beauty:

Mel’s Song

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If I could only sing with love’s true voice
I’d move the stars to tears,
They’d find they could not stay away -
Twilight would rule the day.

If there was such a thing as the orient,
Its mystery could not be too deep,
And then I’d have the chance
To sing of true romance.

And would you think about yourself
Or think of me again?
You should know that I’m the kind
To weep away at a soft sad song
Would you think about yourself
Or think of me again?

If there was any other place to hide
There’d be no point to go, you know,
I’ve learnt because I’ve tried
And you won’t be denied.

You must have found it hard to find me bleeding on your floor.
If I were you, I’d tiptoe out and gently close the door.
When fingers become flesh, and the feeling’s out for now,
Be no letters in the mailbox, but a symphony in your mouth.

If you had only one song left to sing,
Please tell me what it would be,
And would the melody be sweet?
Would the lovers meet to die or die to meet?

* * *