Mojave 3

Saturday 21 May, 2011 at 8:45 am

It’s pretty easy to fall in love with In Love With A View by British band Mojave 3. Notice the changing time signature during some of the instrumental parts (the beat changes from | 1,2,3 | to | 1,2 | every four measures). It’s a small touch but a genius one. The chance of encountering something like that in mainstream music is pretty much the same as hearing a decent song on the radio these days (=none). Enjoy the view. Who knows? Maybe you’re about to fall in love with it too.

p.s. Read the lyrics. They’re beyond incredible.

In Love With A View



I had a plan that was built on thinking too long
Canadian winters at home with your sisters
The romance was hard to ignore
You were beautiful, I was happy to fall, so happy to fall

I remember you searching, I thought you were searching
That’s how I picked up the phone
Happy to hear you remembered the view, so glad to assume it was fate
I thought at the time it was clear, I thought at the time it was clear

So I stood at the station with a plan and a pocket of poems
Heroically tragic, bearded and blind with obsession
I’m a car without hope, too close to the ditch to go far
I showed you my field, I said, “This is my field”, but you weren’t impressed

You said, “Why are we here? Your motives are clear”
In this room with a view and so much of you is so far from here
It’s so far from here, it’s so far from here, it’s so far from here

And how it just fell apart ’cause I by the sound of your voice
And I wished I could show you the same view
You by the window and me feeling fine
And me just feeling fine, yeah, me just feeling fine

* * *