Ryan Lerman

Saturday 01 October, 2011 at 8:45 am

Another super talented musician who’s associated with Pomplamoose is singer/songwriter Ryan Lerman (who also helped out Lauren O’connell in the previous feature). Reminiscent of Elliott Smith’s work and clearly inspired by it- Rhymes With Nothing and Cellophane showcase original songwriting at its very best form. Check ‘em out:

Rhymes With Nothing

Music Video


You’re wasting all my time
I put up a wall and you break it down again
You’re tying up my lines
You turn around and I want you back again

And though I know it’s nothing (do do do do do)
Your name rhymes with nothing

I’m giving up control
Only find it was never mine to give up
You fucking broke my mold
Now what am I supposed to do when I lose you

‘Cause though I know it’s nothing (do do do do do)
Your name rhymes with nothing

I don’t suppose you want to be my latest pennyweight disaster
I know that I can find a reason why we can’t work it out:

You’re thinking down the road
And I am only thinking about today
And though I’d love to be with you
There’s something that’s been keeping me at bay

‘Cause though I know it’s nothing
Your name rhymes with nothing

And if your name doesn’t rhyme
Then how am I supposed to write a song for you


Music Video


What’s good is gone from everything.

Like sunshine wrapped in cellophane,

It just won’t stick and I’m sick of it.

I’ve been calling out your name for so long now.

The seasons have all changed their clothes,

But I’m still in the same suit and tie.

Sitting on the piano in my parents’ living room,

In an old picture frame.

I’m catching dreams in paper cups

And saving them for later days

When I can talk to you

And tell you that you were a dream come true

Brazen was my wounded heart

Before it tore the world apart.

Now I love in color bars.

I’m bleeding out at best,

But I’m healing slow.

Any chalk-white second chance is long gone by now.

I’ve been empty cellophane for so long now.

* * *