Tal Ramon

Thursday 31 May, 2012 at 3:46 pm

Tal Ramon‘s father was Ilan Ramon, an Israeli astronaut who died when space shuttle Columbia disintegrated upon entering the earth’s atmosphere in 2003. Six years later his brother was killed in a plane crash. Sounds like a bad movie, but sometimes reality turns into a bad Hollywood production. These tragedies are probably why Tal ended up being such a great singer/songwriter. This guy has it all and then some. Mad songwriting skills, vocals, great looks- you name it. Check out this brilliant tune:

Inside Your Mind

Music Video


When I write you a song

Do you feel like you belong

Am I coming on too strong

There’s something wrong

Is it me?

When you feel out of place

Does it mean you need your space

Will you leave without a trace

I lose my pace when I’m with you

Take me to the place you hide

Is it on the other side

Is it a long long ride

Or just inside your mind?

Will you feel once again

Or will you fill your heart with regret?

Please stay

Say you won’t go

We’ll just take it slow

I just want to know you once more.