These New Puritans

Friday 26 August, 2011 at 7:52 am

And now for something completely different. Hologram by These New Puritans doesn’t sound like any other song you’ve ever heard and though it’s somewhat experimental, it’ll get stuck in your head if you give it a few listens. It’s super original, the arrangement is brilliant and the music video… well, let’s just say that if you’re under 13- you probably need your parents’ permission to watch it. Let’s presume you have it. Enjoy!


Music Video


Shut the door, shut the door
Because I’m staying here
The world might disappear under blankets of snow.

There’s a wonderful word that you will liken it to
But it’s caught in the back of your mind though.

And some will say “to you will go the world”
Shut the door because I disagree.
And Memnon sighs relief.
Some circles you can’t leave.

* * *