Will Markley

Thursday 21 March, 2013 at 11:16 am

Here’s an awesome catch. Connect The Dots is somewhat raw, but totally makes up for it with tons of creativity and a really cool melody. Don’t be fooled by the first verse. This song will rock your ears off. Check it out:

Connect The Dots

Music Video


I open my eyes to the sun
Ideas fill up both my lungs
but then it never fails, I flail to catch my breath
This pattern’s a tiring one
It leaves me feeling under the gun
I hope one day I can connect the dots

The sky turns from day to night
And slowly my eyes drift into the dark
It’s there, there I must fend off
Memories I have lost,
Fears I’ve come to cross
Dreaming the world is my home,
All is well, all is whole
I’m myself
but then I wake up…

I don’t know what I want,
Barely know what I need
You’re living a lie, I live in a dream
I’m feeling so rushed,
I’m caught in the race
But when I look down
my foot’s on the brakes

I write my own rules
But break them in spite
It’s safe in the dark
But so warm in the light
I feel so alone,
I feel so insane
Do you think you could love a hurricane?