Wolf In Loveland

Thursday 29 August, 2013 at 7:54 pm

Here’s one of Stars Uncharted’s most charming discoveries this year- a great folk band from the Netherlands called Wolf In Loveland. Check them out:

Truth Be Told

Music Video


Well truth be told, I know where to be. I wanna ride upon a golden horse looking south into the fields. Hear the castles call for a travelling song. If I give this beast the spurs now we’ll get there before long. And I’ll sing holy shit, I’ve been around these parts before but there’s something here I’ve overlooked a hundred times or more. Maybe I left a little life knocking at the door of woman who will never know my name. Cast a hard light on this siren that I sing of and you’ll see her pupils dilated by a drug that most call love. She licks her fingers when she’s done with me. She lures you in and then throws you out ‘caus she wants to stay free. And I say holy shit, I’m pretty fucking oke with that. ‘Caus I’ve seen some new things and she was pretty great at giving head. And she will always taste the lingering love that I have bled. On the sheets and on the pillow. Under weeping willow or summer sky, after dazzling truth or big fat lie. In the arms of a woman that will never forget my name. She won’t ever forget my name



I see it all so clearly now. It’s cold, it is a winter day. I smoked one too many cigarettes but I’m young so that is still ok. In the city that’s been working on a way to seal me in its heart. Today, I let it take me in. Today’s the day my new life starts. I’m waiting for a dear friend to come over, girl with the swallow tattoo. She wants to use my house for an art school project and we have some stuff to talk about too. We have some stuff to talk about too. Girl with the swallow tattoo. Last week I bought a christmas tree, the first one since I moved away. From my youth, my home, my family. My new friends helped me decorate. It’s such an empty thing to say but I’ve never felt this way before. Like I am worth the life in me. Got no evil to answer for. I’m on my way over to my best friend, girl with the phoenix tattoo. She caught a cold when we walked around the city for hours so I’m bringing her some love to help her through. I’m bringing her some love to help her through, girl with the phoenix tattoo. I was supposed to leave for Canada and be there for the holidays but everything, it turned around. That plane, it won’t take me away From the beauty that I’ve found here now and the people that I know the best and the woman of my sweetest dreams. The way she holds me when we rest. I spent this morning with a new friend, girl with no tattoos at all. She’s pretty like a bird though and I’m happy in her hands and she will always be there when I call. She will always be there when I call, girl with no tattoos at all. It all went kind of fast but we can take the future on, ‘caus I know that I love her and I’ll love her for a long time to come.




There is little comfort in the passing time
Still I always try to find it there
There is little guidance in the wavy lines
of your golden sunstruck hair

I have been in between
and on both sides
Rolling like a child downhill and I will

Rise up from the colours of your weary eyes
and into heaven’s arms
and I will find you there

I’m a little lonely in the heart of the sun
My voice doesn’t seem to carry far
Basking in the memories of things we’ve done
Things we were and things we are

I have seen the reigning queen
of my heart’s tide
And when I leave this earth I will love her still
and rise

Rise up from the colours of your weary eyes
and into heaven’s arms
and I will find you there